Luxe Photography by Brian Sirimaturos

  • Luxe Photography by Brian Sirimaturos
  • Luxe Photography by Brian Sirimaturos
  • Luxe Photography by Brian Sirimaturos
  • Luxe Weddings by Brian Sirimaturos
  • Luxe Photography by Brian Sirimaturos
  • Luxe Photography by Brian Sirimaturos
  • Luxe Photography by Brian Sirimaturos

It’s all about your experience.  My main goal is to create an enjoyable, memorable experience for your family where you want and look forward to getting family pictures done.  My sessions are fun.  Kid-oriented.  If they are having a good time, everyone is and that final result is fantastic family photos.  The pictures are striking, unique and capture the personalities that you wish everyone could see (you know, the way the kids are when no one’s around). On every shoot, I try to establish a connection with the kids, creating a fun and laid-back atmosphere that makes them want to participate in the photography experience. I love to capture the interaction between parents and their children — a freeze frame on an all-too-fast life.

For 2016, we’re streamlining our pricing and products. We’ve had a few years to find out what our clients want the most (and what they don’t). No gimmicky wording. No “Investments.” Here’s what we have to offer below and what you can expect to pay, and for only the things you want! Session fee due before the day of the shoot to hold your time. All other products/downloads/prints are ordered online in the comfort of your own home with no sales pressure.

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Brian has been capturing our family for over 6 years. He has done our family photo shoots, grandparent shoots and was even photographed the birth of our son which was priceless. The one thing that stands out the most about Brian’s photo shoots is how calm and patient he is. I have three kids, a dog and a husband who are not the most cooperative to say the least. In fact, after every single photo shoot I say to Brian that there is no way he got any good shots because my kids were so uncooperative and nuts. But Brian does what it takes to get the job done and a job well done indeed. He takes the time necessary to ensure my photos always turn out fantastic. He knows when the kids need to take a break. He knows how to get them to smile and laugh and he knows how to calm my nerves so that I look amazing as well. Thank you Brian for providing the best family photos I could ask for! – Alison Hoette

2016 Family Lifestyle Session – $95

(Shooting, creation and editing fee)
Due before session to hold your time

60 minute session
Family of 6 or less *
Unlimited number of photos to be edited
Online viewing/ordering of proofs at your convenience (No over-the-shoulder in-person sales!)

* Contact me for family groups of 7 or more for a custom package deal

Proof galleries are available online for only 7 days from when you receive your email to view/order products.

a La Carte Item Pricing
Sample of products and new items for 2016! Pricing subject to change at any time and may be different than what you see here.

Digital Downloads of full sized .jpg images
Digital Download per (1) image – $25

5×7 = $9.99
8×10 = $14.99
11×14 = $29.99

1.5″ 11×14 = $99
2.5″ 11×14 = $149

(Make your own books right from your proofs from several different templates )
8.5 x 11 Hardcover starting at $75
8×12 Lay Flat starting at $113

*Collage prints, greeting cards and metal prints also available to order!

There’s a question I get asked a lot and it’s this: “Brian, can I just take my pictures and get them printed at <Walgreens/Walmart/Photo Printer> at home?” Short answer is yes. Long answer is why would you? You’ve just spent on average $500 on a photo session with a professional photographer only to get your display prints that you show off to people and have up in your home printed off on the lowest quality option available. I’m happy to share with everyone the information I’ve gained over the last 10 years of shooting that I PERSONALLY use Mpix Pro/Millers Lab which handles all of my products. I’ve used 4 different labs over the years and each time I’ve switched, it’s because of better quality and good value. When you order online through your proof gallery, you’re getting products that I would order and show off to clients, friends and more importantly, other very picky photographers! The decision in the end is ultimately yours.