About Luxe Photography by Brian Sirimaturos
The first thing you should know that sets me apart from other photographers is that I talk in the first person. I don’t know why photographers refer to themselves in the third person. I always thought it would be odd to describe “Brian” and what he’s all about. Brian hates that. It’s an About Me section. Not an About Him section.

Luxe Photography by Brian SirimaturosIf you are here looking at my page, I think you have an appreciation of photography – and you want both a great experience and great photos.  There’s certainly a price point option in the market that can get you none, some or all of what you want.  My goal is to make your experience fun. Enjoyable. Memorable. I want you so crazy about your pictures you’re showing them off to everyone and talking about how much fun you had.  All my pricing (I don’t call it “investment” – I don’t like marketing jargon) is all up front. You will know exactly what you get from reading my pricing page. Here’s what you get.  Here’s the cost.  Simple.

I’m a lifestyle photographer. I document life going on.  7+ years of professionally shooting families, weddings, seniors and commercial events, I’ve seen and shot just about everything. I love talking to people and getting to know everyone. It’s quite fascinating really.  I think the single most important thing for you in finding a photographer to work with is that we connect in some way.  That’s why I encourage you to check out my social media streams below and find out a bit more about me.

My pictures have been published by several media outlets across the country (Denver Post, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune) and locally you can see my travel pictures in the Home & Away Travel Section of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  I’ve also done work with the rhythm group Jeerk in Branson, Missouri, the Official Indianapolis Visitors Guide for the 2012 Superbowl, Uncorked 100K Relay as well as helping out local groups and organizations.  As a matter of fact, the photo here on the right shows just some of the harsh conditions I’ve had to shoot in (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic).

Here is my personal contact information, and feel free to contact me anytime.Luxe Photography by Brian Sirimaturos

Brian Sirimaturos, photographer
St. Louis, Missouri
(636) 443-5048

Social Media: My social media streams are set up to offer a more interactive look at what I’m doing at the moment:

  • Twitter (@LuxePhotoSTL): Clients, photographers and friends of Luxe can keep up on just about EVERYTHING we’re doing.
  • Instagram (LuxePhotoSTL): If you like a lot of behind-the-scenes from shoots and random happenings via my iPhone
  • Facebook (/LuxePhoto): Recent shoots for clients to tag themselves and Luxe news and notes.