Brandon Bollig Brings the Stanley Cup Home to St. Peters Spirit

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***UPDATE 10/6/2013: Behind the scenes pictures from the Brandon Bollig Stanley Cup Event are available to view and download here. For this event, we want to allow our St. Peters Spirit families to be able to download the pictures for free. Follow/Like us on or Twitter @LuxePhotoSTL and simply send us a direct message that you want to download and we’ll give you a code to use. Download any/all that you want! Also, the Bollig photographer should have the big group shot available soon on their website.***

Chicago Blackhawks’ Brandon Bollig brings the Stanley Cup trophy back home to St. Peters Missouri where he started out his hockey career much like the kids that came out to see him that day. Estimated 200-300 St. Peters Spirit hockey kids as well as thousands of fans came out to see Brandon and the Cup. It was crazy! Many of the kids, and myself, have only heard of the storied trophy and have seen pictures online or tv. It’s a whole different experience to see it right in front of you and to lay your hands on it. Thanks Brandon for coming back home! Below are the highlights. I’ll have ALL of my pictures linked shortly right here, so come back if you want to see more.

Luxe Photography by Brian Sirimaturos

2013-8 Bollig Stanley Cup2

2013-8 Bollig Stanley Cup3

2013-8 Bollig Stanley Cup4

2013-8 Bollig Stanley Cup5

2013-8 Bollig Stanley Cup6

2013-8 Bollig Stanley Cup7

2013-8 Bollig Stanley Cup8

2013-8 Bollig Stanley Cup9


  1. Laurie Raphael
    August 7, 2013

    I saw on St. Peters Spirit Hockey on Facebook that if we liked you on Facebook (which I did) and then contacted you that we wanted to download some of the behind the scene pics from the Brandon Bollig Stanley Cup Event shoot that you would give us the passcode to do that.

  2. Laurie Raphael
    August 7, 2013

    I just left a comment for you regarding the Brandon Bollig Stanley Cup Event. But I sent you the wrong email. (It was a typo)
    My correct email address is I was wanting to download some of the behind-the-scene pics.

  3. Vance Wallace
    August 20, 2013

    Hello sir, my son and I were in one of the first groups to go on the ice and see the cup for 20 seconds. Will we be able to view this photo? Thank you for your time. 314-570-4463 or

    • Brian Sirimaturos
      August 21, 2013

      Hi Vance. I think you are asking to see the private cup session where you paid to get your pic taken with the Cup. That was through Bollig’s photographer. The pictures I have available are the behind the scenes from the St. Peters Spirit organization. Access to those are for anyone and if anyone wanted to download the behind the scenes shots if your kid is a player, all you have to do is follow us on Facebook and then send a direct message to get the download code.


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